Featured Member- Angie Anderson of Belle Behind the Ball

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I had the honor to sit down with one of our founding members Angie Anderson, owner and event coordinator of Belle Behind the Ball, to discuss what it’s like to start your own small business.

Angie moved to South Bend from New Jersey in the fall of 2006. It seemed like the stars were perfectly aligned to make the move for Angie. She and her brother sold their trucking company in New Jersey and she married the man of her dreams who happened to be from South Bend. New to the area and no job, Angie with the support of her husband decided to follow her dreams and start her own event planning business.

Angie started Belle Behind the Ball in April of 2007. She knew that event planning, especially weddings, was something that she loved and had always dreamed of doing. Wasting no time at all, Angie started networking and getting her name out there. She knew that not being from the area was going to be a huge disadvantage, but knew that with hard work and dedication she could accomplish what she needed to do.

Now time for the fun part, our Q&A…

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start their own business?
It is HARD. Starting your own business is hard, take how hard you think it’s going to be a multiply that by a hundred. Now having said that, the stress, blood (not literally…yet!), sweat and tears is completely worth it at the end of the day. But knowing that you made it through the day doing something that you love and something that you have fought so hard for is worth it. Make sure you stick with it and remember that your dream is worth every hurdle you will ever face.

What hurdles have you faced as a small business owner?
Starting Belle Behind the Ball in 2007 when the economy was down was definitely a big hurdle to overcome. Another big obstacle that I had to face was being new to the area. Not being from the Michiana area proves to be difficult when you are trying to start an event planning business.

How did you overcome these hurdles?
I put myself out there and networked A LOT! Not being from the area I had to leave my comfort zone and really put myself out there to achieve my dream. I also made sure to stick with everything, even when things got difficult, I knew I had to keep pushing forward.

Why did you choose HeadQuarters?
HeadQuarters was the perfect solution for me. I was not looking for a full time office (I’ve tried that and it just wasn’t worth it for me). I was looking for something where I could separate work life and home life. I needed a professional, unique space that was eye appealing just like my weddings. Having the ability to choose how many hours a month I want to use the space just made sense for what I was looking for.

Anything special you would like to add?
Follow your heart, if starting your own business is something you want to do, jump in and go for it. It is worth all of the hurdles and ups and downs. I have been lucky to work with some of the most genuine and sweetest people. It makes doing what I do worth it.

We are honored to have Angie as one of our founding members and we cannot wait to watch her business continue to grow and thrive. Please follow Angie on Facebook (www.facebook.com/BelleBehindtheBall.com) or check out her website at www.bellebehindtheball.com and keep an eye out for the launch of her Virtual Wedding Planner, coming 2017.

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