Holidays & Coworking!

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The holidays are quickly approaching and that means that even the most productive and focused people tend to get distracted. The holidays tend to shift our focus to family, traveling and well presents! With the recent success of coworking spaces, being able to get work done during the holidays is now just a little bit easier.

Coworking spaces allow for entrepreneurs to leave the distraction of the holidays at home and “plug and create” at a space that is not only professional but also innovative. Professionals like to be around like minded people and coworking allows for that to happen in one easy and convenient spot.

Here at HeadQuarters we understand that professionals travel and let’s face it we all travel a little more at the holidays. But we also know that work does not stop because the holidays are here and we are traveling. So we partnered up with the Indiana Coworking Passport to help make travel and work just a little easier (and we wanted to be a part of such a cool and beneficial organization).

The Indiana Coworking Passport allows for members of HeadQuarters at Ignition Park to work one day a month at other participating coworking spaces for FREE, that’s right FREE! You think our space is innovative and resourceful , you should check out some of the other spaces throughout the state of Indiana. To see all of the participating spaces please check out their website at

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